Unexpected Opportunities

in·her·ent  “being part of the innermost nature of a person… a deep rooted, innate, intrinsic, natural, permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute”

My name is Byron Scheffler, Owner of Inherent Wellness Inc.  Thank you for visiting and welcome!

Our life path sometimes brings the unexpected and often presents opportunities that will forever change us.  While a few years ago I believed my journey was taking me a certain direction, life circumstances ignited interests and passions that that have pulled me another way.

I have navigated health challenges my entire life.  As a young infant I suffered from a whole host of problems including gastrointestinal complications, born without a spleen, multiple ‘code-blues’ at home, abdominal surgeries to correct stomach defects and inguinal hernias, breathing problems, chronic infections, and was in and out of the hospital for various reasons – all within my first couple years of life.  Throughout my childhood I continued to suffer from digestive problems, chronic colds and rotated through a laundry list of antibiotics, developed childhood asthma and was diagnosed with scoliosis which led to eventual spinal fusion in my late teens.

While my health issues seemed to plateau in my twenties I began to emerge into young adulthood with what I now realize was chronic digestive distress that caused ongoing symptoms ranging from headaches, to heartburn, to bloating and food intolerances amongst others.  I always thought these symptoms were normal and could be treated with a pill – voila, problem solved!   Well, it worked for a while but I never (at that time) could find genuine long-lasting relief for my symptoms.  This continued over the years like a roller coaster.

A few years ago, I encountered an acute situation when I developed a serious and chronic skin inflammation problem that quickly grew out of control.  Conventional medical recommendations were proclaimed to be my solution, but I knew in my heart that it would never solve the problem at hand.  My gut feeling asked whether some underlying issue was causing this problem?  Even at that time I questioned the logic of suppressing symptoms in the hopes of ‘successful treatment’.  I decided that it was not the path for me and embarked on a journey fueled by sheer determination without knowing where it would lead me.

I explored down many paths in pursuit of a resolution to my painful ordeal.  It felt like my skin was literally on fire and was shedding continuously, but why?  I could not find relief until as it turns out, I received help from a Live Blood Analyst.  I was very skeptical at first, but quickly learned first-hand that this alternative approach to helping people navigate their health issues was legitimate and very effective.  The blood analyst helped me to identify underlying conditions that were possibly causing my symptoms of illness and worked with me to re-balance my health with the help of dietary changes and herbal medicine.  A powerful and impressionable experience to say the least, I experienced tremendous healing benefits when conventional medicine failed to resolve the root causes for my health concerns.

As a result of this experience I have pursued blood analysis as the next chapter in my life path and purpose – to give back and help others.  I have learned much already and I am now supporting clients through their respective health journeys.  Time and time again I continue to be fascinated by the human body’s ability to overcome health imbalances.  When given the right support, conditions and with determined commitment to persevere, relief is often just around the corner!

My intent today is to simply introduce myself and welcome you to my website.  I am committed to providing consistent client-centered support and offering an opportunity to educate, offer possible explanations for feelings of ill health, and work with clients to find relief while empowering them to make informed decisions.

Would you like to join me on your path to wellness?   I would be pleased to partner with you on your journey.  Please browse my website, submit a query through the contact form, and reach out anytime by email or telephone – I look forward to speaking with you!

I will be posting regular updates to this page with interesting facts and tips, lifestyle information, links to other health resources that support one’s path toward lifelong wellness. Are you ready to take the next step to rediscover your inherent wellness?  It takes courage to act.  What are you waiting for?