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Inherent Wellness provides natural health coaching services for clients seeking an alternative approach to address their personal health concerns.

We support our clients in their quest to maintain or regain their health by identifying the underlying factors contributing to unbalanced health.  Rather than treating and managing symptoms we use Live Blood Analysis and Iridology techniques to identify the root-causes and inform appropriate support that encourages good health.

What is Live Blood Analysis? Live Blood Analysis is a qualitative assessment technique that provides an indication of the health and vitality of the blood which is an important foundation of health.  Visually assessing the blood helps to identify areas of imbalance and sensitivity that may be causing unwanted symptoms.

What is Iridology?  Iridology (iris analysis) is a method used to evaluate tissue integrity in the body as represented by the structure, color, and density of minute fibers of the iris.   An anatomical extension of the central nervous system, visual assessment of the iris allows for the identification of the areas of relative strength/weakness which are reflected through nerve pathways connected throughout all areas of the body.

These approaches offer unique and efficient real-time techniques that inform where clients may require additional support through detoxification, lifestyle changes, dietary or nutritional adjustments, medicinal herbal medicine or support from other natural and complementary health practitioners.

For more information and answers to common questions please see our FAQ Page.