Inherent Wellness empowers clients with life changing opportunities to rediscover their wellness and vitality.  We offer a unique approach for clients seeking an alternative path to address their personal health concerns.

We support our clients by identifying and helping to resolve the underlying factors contributing to unbalanced health.  Rather than treating and managing symptoms we use Live Blood Analysis techniques to identify the root-causes and areas of weakness to inform appropriate support that encourages good health.

We help clients resolve their feelings of ill health by using dietary adjustments and western herbal medicine to help facilitate the body’s natural self-regulatory functions. Our approach focuses on supporting  Microcirculation and offering strategies that can be considered to facilitate a process called Regenerative Detoxification.

Healthy microcirculation helps support the transportation of nutrients, oxygen and wastes to and from all of the cells in the body.  While diet and lifestyle choices play a large role in maintaining healthy circulation, we also offer BEMER physical vascular therapy to support our clients.

Ultimately our goal is to offer an alternative perspective so that clients can be empowered to make informed decisions on how they would like to manage their health concerns.  Our approach offers clients a different path by getting back to basics and supporting the body’s natural ability to regain balance.

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