Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you do?

We offer our clients a fresh perspective on how to regain their health.  Rather than treating and managing symptoms, we look to identify the root issues and provide the environment within which one can heal from within, naturally.  Our primary approach is to look at blood in its live and unaltered state using phase-contrast and bright field microscopy techniques.  We also take iris photos in order to discern the integrity of remote tissues in the body as represented by the color, structure and density of the nerve fibers in the iris.  The observations made provide insightful information that helps us work with each client to develop customized health and wellness strategies that support their unique health concerns.


2. How is the blood collected?

A single drop of blood is collected from the finger using a single-use sterile lancet (like those used for blood glucose testing).  Blood is transferred to two sterile glass specimen slides to collect a live and dry blood sample.  All blood specimens are discarded upon the conclusion of each appointment.

3. What happens during an appointment?

Each new client appointment begins with a review of their client questionnaire, discussion of a clients’ current health concerns and and overview of personal wellness goals.  Blood samples are assessed using a high-powered microscope and images are projected on a display for both the practitioner and client to view together.  The practitioner will provide an overview of the blood, identify various cell structures and functions of each and explain how these may impact the clients’ health.  Herbal protocols and dietary adjustment recommendations are outlined and provided to all clients during each appointment.  Iris photos and analysis appointments are available to established clients.  Written iris analysis reports may be requested for an additional fee.

4. What will I learn from this assessment?

This approach allows for an opportunity to discuss with clients various topics such as blood cell production and health, digestive system function, nutrient requirements, hormonal imbalances, immune system function, cardiovascular health, microbial infections, detoxification, oxidative stress and inflammation.

Analysis of the blood and observation of the irides offers abundant information by helping to pinpoint the location and acuity of relative tissue weakness and strength.  Ultimately, we are here to offer information for each client to consider so they can make informed personal health care decisions.

5. What can you see in the blood?

Live blood analysis is a subjective non-diagnostic tool used by a skilled practitioner to inform health balancing strategies.  It is possible to see red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, lipids and some microbial forms such as bacteria and parasites which may be a possible explanation for symptoms.  However, since we do not stain or culture the samples, we cannot definitively identify microbes by specific name.  Confirming the presence of microbes is however important to be aware of for the development of wellness plans which may include further testing or treatment provided by a medical physician or additional support through other alternative healthcare practitioners.

6. What can you see in the eyes?

Visually assessing the iris of the eye will provide valuable information concerning one's health and well-being.  Observing the colors, markings and changes to the iris offers an indication of the presence and location of inflammation, inherent strengths and weaknesses, signs of tissue healing, areas of toxicity and systemic congestion, relative constitutional strength, acid levels, nutrient deficiencies, digestive compromise and drug accumulations to name a few.

7. What happens after the appointment?

All clients will be provided with customized health management recommendations that may include consideration for herbal medicine, lifestyle or dietary adjustments, and/or suggestions for additional support through complementary and alternative medical practitioners.

8. What are your fees and appointment options?

We offer a few appointment options in our New Westminster office and at various community partner host locations.


9. Are these services covered by provincial healthcare or extended health insurance?

Client consultation services are not covered by provincial healthcare or extended health insurance plans.  Non-prescription natural health products may be covered by some extended health programs.

10. What is your policy for appointments?

Due to high demand and limited appointment availability, clients are asked to be on time for all appointments.  We kindly ask for a minimum of 24 hours' notice to cancel an appointment.  Missed appointments without adequate notice may result in a 50% cancellation fee.  Having said this, we realize that life situations do arise from time to time so we are always willing to work with our clients to find a mutually satisfactory solution.


Services provided by Inherent Wellness Inc. are intended to complement and not replace the advice of a medical physician or other health care providers.

Inherent Wellness Inc. and the Practitioner(s) thereof are not medical doctors, do not give medical advice and do not treat or diagnose disease.

All clients are advised to continue consulting their medical doctor regarding their individual health care needs that may require diagnosis or medical treatment and before starting or stopping any medications.

All information published within this website and provided to clients is intended for educational purposes only.