My name is Byron Scheffler and I am committed and most passionate about helping people improve their health and wellness.  My life and health journey has led me down an interesting path of growth and transformation that continues to offer insight and learning on many levels.  From infancy to adulthood I have navigated wide-ranging health issues including chronic digestive problems, asthma, scoliosis, multiple surgical procedures, chronic fatigue, skin inflammatory conditions and allergies just to name a few.  Frequent trips to the doctor’s office for medications and antibiotics seemed routine and I always thought this was normal.

As a young adult, I developed a severe inflammatory skin condition combined with food sensitivities and digestive problems that prompted me to stop ‘treating and managing symptoms’ and instead seek to identify and resolve the underlying cause for my health situation.  Eventually, and after walking away from conventional approaches, I was able to find relief through the help of natural and alternative health practitioners including a live blood analyst who helped me like no other.  His approach was a refreshing perspective and alternative approach to help my body to heal naturally, and it worked!

Since recovering from this most recent chronic illness situation my life direction has shifted dramatically from where is was headed a few years ago.  This powerful healing experience forever changed me and has drawn me down a path to help others navigate their health concerns and rediscover their inherent wellness and vitality.

Using Live Blood Analysis and Iridology assessment techniques I offer a unique opportunity for clients to identify and resolve the underlying conditions that may be causing symptoms of ill health.  I utilize blood analysis and iridology observations to pinpoint the general location of where someone may have imbalances, toxicity, metabolic dysfunction, inflammation and relative weakness among others.  These techniques help remove some of the guess work and offer people the power to make informed decisions on how they would like to address their health concerns and to ultimately feel better!  For some, this approach is new or unknown, perhaps they are a bit hesitant, while others are curious – which is a perfect place to be.  My response is to simply consider giving it a try with an open mind, it just might change their life!

With the right balance of mind, body and spirit I believe we all have the innate ability to heal from within.  How is this possible?  Positive changes are often found when one makes changes to their diet and lifestyle, focusing on foods and habits that offer healing properties.  Combined with medicinal herbs that help to cleanse one can relatively easily create an internal environment that can facilitate healing.

Recognizing the uniqueness of all clients who are at different points in their  journey I am here to offer support, perspective, and advice and guidance while walking with each individual.  While each person holds the responsibility and right to choose how they would like to manage their health, I am happy to partner with those who are ready to make changes, offering an fresh approach that brings positive results.

Are you feeling unwell and seeking relief from pain or discomfort?  Have you tried other options with limited success?  Perhaps you are feeling pretty good and would like to improve your performance?

Are you now looking for an alternative perspective and ready to take action to improve your situation?  With patience and determination, anything is possible.  Step through the door of opportunity and learn how you can once again regain control of your wellness and vitality!

I would be pleased to support you!


Byron Scheffler