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An alternative approach to remove the guess work and optimize your health


We help identify and resolve the underlying factors contributing to feelings of ill health and offer strategies to enhance vitality.  The services we offer bring positive results for those struggling with chronic illness and also those looking to optimize their strength and performance.  

Live Blood Analysis

One drop of blood offers insightful information on your current state of health, the impact of your past lifestyle and dietary choices while offering perspective on what future path may follow if changes are not made.  Live Blood Analysis is a qualitative assessment technique that provides an opportunity to evaluate the health and vitality of the blood which is an important foundation of well-being.  Visually assessing the blood in it’s live unaltered state helps to identify areas of imbalance and sensitivity that may be causing unwanted symptoms of ill health.

Blood is considered the river of life, so its very important to take steps to support and build healthy blood.  Healthy blood helps deliver nutrients and oxygen throughout the body and supports important waste removal pathways.  Consider a fresh approach to remove the guess work and make informed decisions about how you would like to support your health.

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Are you fatigued, experiencing pain or digestive issues, struggling with sleep, battling allergies or treating skin problems? 

Perhaps you feel pretty good but are looking for a way to improve your athletic performance and support recovery?


Health Coaching

We will help you to revitalize your health by empowering you with paradigm-shifting perspective that will enable you to take control of your well-being and transform your life.  Recognizing the uniqueness of all clients we are here to offer guidance for those who are open, receptive and seeking a lasting solution for their health concerns. 

As each person holds the responsibility to choose how they would like to manage their health, our customized arrangements are available for those who are committed and ready to make meaningful changes that bring positive results.  

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Do you want to improve mental acuity, reduce pain, increase energy and simply feel better?

Did you know that supporting blood flow and the health of your blood cells are the foundation of wellness?

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy supports the body’s natural self-regulation processes using a patented therapeutic PEMF signal designed to improve healthy microcirculation through the targeted stimulation of vasomotion (blood flow).  Healthy blood and improved blood flow enhance wellness by optimizing the internal conditions required for a balanced environment conducive to good health.  

BEMER technology is a scientifically researched and certified method of stimulating the microcirculatory system which plays an important role in oxygen and nutrient delivery while supporting waste removal pathways.  This health enhancing tool offers support for those navigating chronic health concerns, athletes looking to elevate their performance and improve recovery, and anyone wanting to simply feel better, gain energy, reduce pain, improve sleep, enhance cognition and optimize their vitality.  

Contact us to schedule a BEMER session or attend an upcoming demonstration to learn more.  All clients of Inherent Wellness are offered one complementary BEMER session.  Please inquire to make arrangements.

Have you tried other options with limited success?

Looking for a solution and ready to take action to improve your situation?

Electrolyzed Reduced Water

Water is the foundation of life, so the quality and properties of water consumed is of most importance.  In fact, about 75% of the body is comprised of water, so yes, it’s a big deal.  Water is the basis for all fluids facilitating the transportation of nutrients, removal of wastes, cushioning of joints, supporting digestion, transmitting electrical signals, regulating temperature, transporting hormones and hydrating tissues.  The problem is that many of the foods we consume, liquids we drink and activities we engage in lead to chronic dehydration, thus contributing to numerous health issues, from skin problems and headaches to painful digestive symptoms to name a few.

Kangen Water (Electrolyzed Reduced Water) has been proven to neutralize free radicals, promote a healthy pH balance, combat acidity, remove wastes and toxins and penetrates the tissues more effectively leading to superior cellular hydration and aiding in the transportation of nutrients and oxygen.  

Contact us to attend a demonstration and learn more about how this healing water can help enhance your health.  Change your water, change your life!

Consider an alternative perspective and take a fresh approach. 

Return to basics and support your innate ability to regain balance and heal.

Herbal Medicine

The use of botanicals (herbs) for their complex therapeutic properties is inherent across cultures and throughout history.  An ancient and effective way to enhance one’s health, herbal medicine offers many benefits without the side effects that accompany the isolated chemicals used by conventional western medicine. 

Utilizing herbs is an important foundation for healing and regeneration.  Our approach uses specific herbal blends that offer rebalancing, cleansing, detoxifying and healing benefits and are customized in light of clients’ requirements.  Consider using herbs to support your path to wellness.  

Step through this door of opportunity toward that which is possible for those who earnestly seek. 


My name is Byron Scheffler and I offer you an opportunity to optimize your wellness and vitality. While my life journey has led me down a path of navigating wide-ranging personal health concerns, I have found relief by completely shifting my perspective and approach toward healing. 

Rather than continuing down the road of treating and managing symptoms, I decided to take personal responsibility for my health, return to basics to resolve the underlying causes for my feelings of ill health and support my body’s natural ability to heal.  I now offer my knowledge and support to empower others to improve their health and transform their lives. 

Are you looking for an alternative approach and ready to take action to improve your situation? I would be pleased to support you to revitalize your health and take control of your well-being!

Client Testimonials

I was excited to see my blood, maybe even a little presumptuous of what I was going to see.  It was a real wake up call to take even better care of myself and raise my standards.  I am grateful for Byron’s work and his extensive knowledge, and the way he presented my personal information. He is very compassionate and professional in presenting what he found, I highly recommend him.

New Westminster, BC

Seeing the analysis of my blood was very interesting and revealing!  Byron explained everything so that I could easily understand and I’m looking forward to see how his recommendations work out over the next few months.

Vancouver, BC

While I was nervous about seeing my blood since I’m pretty squeamish, Byron was very patient and explained everything to me very thoroughly.  He answered all my questions and totally put me at ease.  I ended up being quite fascinated with the whole experience! Thanks Byron!

Burnaby, BC

I have found that after talking with Byron about my health concerns and having him analyze my blood I feel I have gained my energy levels back and my afternoon brain fog is gone.  I have noticed a big decrease in certain health concerns I was having around digestive issues and allergies.

North Vancouver, BC


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BEMER Sessions
$40  (30 min)

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Take control of your well-being and revitalize your health!


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